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HEALTH INFORMATIZATION is a global process of active formation and large-scale use of information resources, which allows increasing the level of medical care to the population through the introduction of new organizational methods and tools.

In accordance with the Informatization Development Strategy in the Republic of Belarus for 2016-2022 the main directions of informatization of the health system should be:

  • complex automation of medical institutions on the basis of portal solutions and web technologies
  • ensuring the interaction of medical institutions within the single information space of health organizations
  • introduction of an electronic medical card of a citizen of the Republic of Belarus, including the development of a legal regime for its use
  • development of the project on the use of electronic recipes
  • the development of telemedicine, including to provide the possibility of consulting patients in real time and remote monitoring of the health status of chronic patients.

At present, integrated medical automated systems, automated diagnostic workplaces and general practitioners' workplaces are being introduced in healthcare institutions. Information systems of the national level have been created and are being implemented that allow monitoring of the health status of various population groups and make operative decisions on health management.

The main directions of the project-orintated activities of the Center:
  • development, introduction and maintenance in the actual state of automated information processing systems of health organizations of various levels
  • development and implementation of electronic document management in the management bodies and health organizations of the system of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus
  • development, implementation and operation of automated systems for collecting and processing information from medical registers
  • development, implementation and support of automated systems for creating information stores for the healthcare sector, including for the long-term accumulation of industry performance indicators and the health status of the population of the Republic of Belarus
  • information support and monitoring of the health of the population and environmental factors, demographic indicators
  • maintenance of industry-wide classifiers and other health information resources
  • creation and operation of telemedicine systems of various levels
  • creation and maintenance of functioning of telecommunication nodes and data transmission networks, including local computer networks in the organizations of the system of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus
  • technical and system maintenance of computer facilities, including in the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus, the organizations of the system of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus, analysis and issuing of conclusions on the operability of computers