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2022 Number 3 journal of Health Organization and Informatization


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Problem Articles and Reviews

Ruzanov D.Yu., Dosina М.О., Malakhova I.V., Dudina T.V., Vasilevskaya M.G.

Effectiveness of Medical Science in the Republic of Belarus in 2O21

Grinko D.V., Petrushko N.B.

Legislation Improvement in Field of Circulation of Medical Devices. Transition from National Legislation to Legislation of the EEU

Surmach M.Yu., Boyko S.L.

Formation of Leadership Qualities in Additional Education of Healthcare Managers

Glinskaya T.N., Schaveleva M.V., Davidovskaya E.I., Bogush L.S.

Respiratory System Diseases Morbidity of Population of the Republic of Belarus aged over Working Age

Smychek V.B., Ilyukhin P.A., Lushchynskaya S.I.

Characteristics of Primary Disability due to Malignant Breast Tumors

Maksimovich М.М., Glebko S.Z., Shnitko S.N., Tserakhovich T.I.

Possibilities of Mobile Medical Complexes Using in a Tense Epidemiological Situation

Lapchinskaya Yu.V., Botvinyev S.A., Drozd E.A., Mitsura V.M.

Establishment of System for Oxygen Level Monitoring in Hospital Rooms in Medical Care Providing to Patients with COVID-infection

Laptyonok S.A., Kologrivko A.A., Rodzkin O.I., Klyausova Yu.V., Turaev U.M.

Comparative Evaluation of Effectiveness of Correlation Analysis and Methods for Concordance Coefficients Calculating Use in Study of Geoecological Factors Influence on Population Health Status

Scientific Research

Sidorovich R.R.

Clinical and Electroencephalographical Changes in Patients with Unruptured Cerebral Arterial Aneurysms in Presence and Absence of Epileptic Seizures in Pre- and Postoperative Periods

Boyko S.L.

Emotional Burnout among Heads of Healthcare Organizations of the Grodno and Brest Regions (Results of the Pilot Project)

Guzik E.O.

"School is the Territory of Health" Project Implementation in the Republic of Belarus

Doroshenko I.T., Golikova V.V., Kislaya E.I., Zakharova N.A.

Method of Medical Rehabilitation for Children with Syndromes and Diseases Associated with Short Stature

Soltan М.М., Slaykovskaya L.A., Shukan V.M., Palaznik I.A., Poleshchuk S.M.

Experience in Availability Expanding of Comprehensive Medical, Psychological and Social Assistance to Adolescents in Healthcare Organizations

Makhanyok S.V.

Main aspects of Priest's Work Organization in Rehabilitation Children's Center

History of Belarus' Public Health

Gyurdzhyan T.A.

Continuity of Generations of Ophthalmological School of Belarusian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education

Monitoring of the National Health Legal Base


Normative-Legal Regulation on Rendering Medical Care and Ensuring Sanitary-Epidemiologic Well-being of the Population (June 2022 - August 2022)