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Cooperation with the UN Children's Fund "UNICEF" and the Health Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee

Project: Expanding access of adolescents from risk groups and vulnerable groups to the services of adolescent-friendly centers

Within the framework of cooperation between the health institution "17th City Children's Clinical Polyclinic" (project coordinator) and the United Nations Children's Fund "UNICEF" in the Republic of Belarus, with the support of the Minsk City Executive Committee and the Health Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee, the project "Expanding the access of adolescent groups at risk and vulnerable groups to the services of teen-friendly centers ”.

The project involves adolescent-friendly centers (hereinafter referred to as CSP) "Trust" (UZ "8th City Children's Clinic") of Moscow and the Central Dispensary "Juventus" (UZ "17th City Children's Clinical Polyclinic") of the Soviet districts of Minsk.

The activities of this project are being implemented in accordance with paragraphs 93, 99, 103 of the "National Action Plan for Improving the Situation of Children and Protecting Their Rights for 2017-2021", and paragraphs 7, 7.3 of the Family and Childhood subprogram of the State Program "People's Health and Demographic safety "for 2016-2020, and paragraphs 3 and 7, result 3.1 of the Cooperation Plan of the Ministry of Health and UNICEF for 2019-2020.

The main goal of the project:

improving the outreach work of adolescent-friendly medical centers with adolescents at risk on the basis of interagency and intersectoral interaction

Project objectives:
  1. Strengthening the capacity of 2 health centers friendly to adolescents in Minsk and improving interagency cooperation on the organization of outreach (field) work with adolescents at risk.
  2. Creation and ensuring the effective functioning of community spaces on the basis of two CCs to attract adolescents from risk groups to the CCs and the formation of sustainable motivation in adolescents to change behavior.
Target groups of the project:
  • adolescents and youth from vulnerable and risk groups;
  • specialists from teen-friendly centers;
  • teachers-psychologists, teachers-social institutions of general secondary, secondary specialized and vocational education;
  • outreach workers of youth public associations and organizations.

The project will provide an opportunity to strengthen the material and technical base, human resources of the Centers and create special conditions (safety, non-discrimination, respect for the rights of adolescents) for working with adolescents at risk, which will increase the motivation of adolescents and lead to increased access to the services of adolescent-friendly centers ...

The project provides for methodological support and the formation of a bank of relevant documents that will be available for use, both for young people and for teachers who wish to implement local events independently and in cooperation with representatives of local authorities, the education system and / or the business sector.

The methodology worked out within the framework of the project to involve adolescents from risk groups in preventive and rehabilitation programs related to their life and health, taking into account the risks and characteristics, can be replicated in the future to other central control centers in Minsk and Belarus.

For the effective implementation of the project, an expert youth working group was created, which is responsible for the development of algorithms and instructions, methodological and informational and educational materials, monitoring and evaluation of the project implementation in order to agree and timely amend the project work plan.

The working group, as an expert consultant, includes a leading researcher at the laboratory of foundations for standardization and assessment of medical technologies, candidate of medical sciences, associate professor Soltan Marina Mikhailovna.

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