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About the Project

International Technical Assistance Project “Strengthening of HIV and TB national systems of prevention, treatment, care and support in the Republic of Belarus” has been registered in the database of programs and projects of international technical assistance 03/19/2019 No. 2/19/000982.

The goal of this project is containing the HIV epidemics in a concentrated phase and reduction of HIV-related morbidity and mortality; and reduction of morbidity and TB-related mortality, as well as improvement of the treatment outcomes, especially in patients with M/XDR-TB in Belarus. 

Target Group:
  • People who inject drugs (PWID), sex workers (SWs), man who have sex with man (MSM);
  • People living with HIV (PLWH);
  • HIV/TB patients;
  • TB Patients;
  • X/MDR-TB patients;
  • Prisoners;
  • Healthcare providers involved in diagnosis, case management and treatment of TB.
  • To scale up the delivery of evidence-based, integrated and regionally prioritized package of HIV prevention and treatment services to key populations groups at risk of or affected by HIV;
  • To build national capacities to fully uptake the programmatic and financial responsibility of HIV response in Belarus;
  • To strengthen community systems to ensure relevant, human rights and public health based, sustainable and integrated HIV response measures for key affected populations;
  • To ensure universal access to high-quality rapid laboratory diagnosis of all forms of TB, including M/XDR TB;
  • To enhance coverage of M/XDR-TB patients with high-quality treatment;
  • To improve MDR-TB treatment outcomes with appropriate patient-centred support, including patients from high-risk groups and vulnerable populations;
  • To improve management of HIV-associated tuberculosis;
  • Health system strengthening by introducing new funding models of the ambulatory TB care;
  • To strengthen National monitoring and evaluation system, National TB program management for improved performance of TB control program.
  • Behavioral change as part of programs for PWID and their partners, MSM, and sex workers;
  • Needle and syringe programs as part of programs for PWID;
  • Condoms as part of programs for PWID and their partners, MSM and sex workers;
  • OST for PWIDs and psycho-social support for those on OST;
  • HIV testing and counselling as part of programs for PWID and their partners, MSM and TGs, and sex workers;
  • Linkage to care support for HIV-positive key populations under results-based scheme by outreach and social workers;
  • Diagnosis of STIs as part of programs for MSM, and sex workers;
  • Questionnaire-based screening for Tuberculosis;
  • Research and pilot for key populations and PLHA in prisons;
  • Trainings for social workers, volunteers to guarantee maintaining quality of the service provision;
  • PSM infrastructure and development of tools;
  • Counselling and psycho-social support;
  • Out-patient care;
  • International M&E events;
  • Routine reporting;
  • Surveys;
  • Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of M/XDR-TB;
  • Improving treatment adherence of TB patients in prisons;
  • Counselling and psycho-social support of TB patients at the out-patient stage of treatment, case management;
  • Video-observed treatment of TB patients;
  • Strengthening national TB M&E system;
  • Strengthening NTP’s program management capacity.