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Providing information on Global Fund grant activities


The state institution “Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Medical Technologies, Informatization, Management and Health Economics” (hereinafter referred to as the Republican Scientific and Practical Center for MT) in 2015 was elected the Principal Recipient of Global Fund grants. From 2016 to 2018, two Global Fund grants were implemented: “Ensuring universal access to accelerated laboratory diagnostics of drug-resistant tuberculosis (DR-TB) and universal coverage of DR-TB patients with quality treatment”, “Containing the HIV epidemic and reducing morbidity and mortality from HIV in Belarus". Since 2019, the third grant of the Global Fund has been implemented - “Strengthening the National System of Prevention, Treatment, Care and Support for HIV and Tuberculosis in the Republic of Belarus”.

In accordance with the guidance documents of the Global Fund, the RTSC MT, as the Principal Recipient, actively interacts with the Country Coordinating Committee (hereinafter - CCM) in the process of grant implementation. At the request of the Chairperson, CCM Secretariat, CCM members and CCM alternates, the RSCC MT prepares and submits information on issues falling within the competence of the RSCC MT as the Principal Recipient, including during CCM meetings. Specialists of the RSCC MT are part of the JCC working groups in various areas of activity in order to increase the effectiveness of the implementation of grant activities.

The RTSC MT is interested in the effective implementation of programs, improving their quality and the satisfaction of beneficiaries with the services received in our country, and considers it one of the important tools affecting the quality and effectiveness of activities to monitor program activities.

As the Principal Recipient, the RTSC MT monitors the activities of sub-recipient organizations on an ongoing basis on the basis of the Operational Guidelines, the Monitoring and Evaluation Plan and in accordance with the procedure established by the Regulation of monitoring visits.

The activities of the Principal Recipient are comprehensively reviewed and evaluated. On an annual basis, the RTSC MT presents a progress report on the implementation of the grant to the Global Fund. Based on the results of the review of reports, the Global Fund sends letters to the CCM and the Principal Recipient with relevant recommendations. In addition, the Global Fund annually conducts an independent audit of the program activities of the Principal Recipient with the involvement of a third-party audit company.

RSPC MT annually submits a report on the progress of the project to the Ministry of Economy. In accordance with national legislation, the Global Fund projects are annually subjected to a comprehensive examination by a commission consisting of representatives of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Economy, the State Customs Committee, and the Ministry of Taxes and Dues.

Patient monitoring is one of the elements of the overall system of program monitoring and is aimed at improving the quality and accessibility of relevant program activities. Important conditions for conducting patient monitoring are the following principles:

  • patient monitoring should serve the purpose of improving the process in relation to which it is carried out;
  • patient monitoring should be based on clear, understandable to all parties and agreed upon procedures;
  • patient monitoring should use only confirmed information and facts for evaluation;
  • based on the results of patient monitoring, specific proposals should be formed to improve the process in relation to which monitoring was carried out;
  • in the course of patient monitoring, compliance with ethical and communication norms and rules must be ensured.

The RTSC MT, as the main recipient of Global Fund grants, within its competence provides information on activities under the Global Fund grants to all interested individuals, in the manner prescribed by national legislation.
The procedure for communication between members of the CCM and the RTSC MT as the Principal Recipient, requesting and posting information will be regulated by the CCM Communication Policy, which is currently being developed by the relevant working group.